Kids Rock

Kidz Rock is about training champions. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior our children are being prepared to be launched out into their world as heroes of the faith.

Weekly our young champions will get instruction from the Bible with exciting lessons, interactive object lessons and fast paced games. Our kids will also experience God through passionate praise and worship at their level. The first and third Sunday of the month is Super Sunday where everything is Super Sized. These meetings begin at 10 am until the close of the main meeting.

Oh yeah, did I mention we have the best volunteer leaders in the world. Don’t believe me then come and check it out for yourself. Your kids will have an encounter with God that will have them begging to come back.

Kidz Rock serves children ages 7 – 12 and Jr. Kidz Church serves children ages 4- 6. Both groups meet on Sunday mornings from 10:45 pm to noon.

The Edge

6th – 12th grade

Youth: The Edge is youth. Its a place for 6th-12th graders.
Life: Life is real. The Edge is a place to help youth deal with life.
God: Everything begins and ends with God. God is the reason we are here. The Edge exists because of God!

Sundays from 6pm – 9pm

3723 N. Vermilion St., Danville IL 61832

For more information contact
Doug Hummer, Youth Pastor
o: 217.443.6219

Also, connect with us on: Facebook + Twitter 


We don’t own a pipe organ! Not that there’s anything wrong with that either!

Our live band usually consists of guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, piano and the occasional violins! We try to sing songs that are deep in meaning, but easy to understand.

We love high energy praises and deep intimate worship!

Come experience the Presence of God! You won’t be disappointed!

For more information contact
Luke Voth, Worship Pastor
o: 217-443-6219

Family Life Skills

Do I Need Family Life Skills?
Experiences from our past affect more than we think. Over 90% of marriage and relationship problems are rooted in childhood experiences. Is your marriage the best it could be? How about other relationships? Do you like yourself? Are you drawn to the same kind of person again and again? Want a better quality of life? Are your current choices working for you?

Can you say “Yes” to one or more of the following statements?

  • There is blaming, cursing, hostile humor or name calling in the heat of an argument.
  • I see a dual personality in my friend/partner – nice and cruel.
  • I make excuses for the other person’s negative behavior.
  • There was abuse and/or rejection in my family while growing up.
  • If the other person would just change, I would be better.
  • I can’t express my own opinion. It is not safe. I have trouble communicating.
  • I have unrealistic expectations for myself, and others. I tend to be a perfectionist.
  • My life choices just don’t seem to be working out for me.
  • Either I, or my partner needs to be in control of everything all the time.
  • I feel angry, on edge, depressed, trapped, fearful and/or suicidal.
  • I find myself yelling at others, especially those I love.
  • I have been a victim of verbal, sexual, and/or physical abuse.
  • I struggle with feeling rejected and lonely.
  • My partner/friend seems to tune me out and never really communicates with me.
  • I have gone to a lot of counseling in the past and still struggle with understanding the root issues of my behavior.

If you answered “Yes” to one or more of the above statements,then LIFE SKILLS IS FOR YOU!

What People are saying about Family Life Skills
“I didn’t get to this place overnight and I won’t find healing overnight either. The cost of time and money is so worth it! It is life changing! Individual counseling helped a lot, but this program gave me a ‘big picture’ perspective!”

“I realize areas in my life where I need to grow and mature. Life Skills reveals the difference between healthy and normal vs. arrested development and abusive.”

“My relationship with my husband was on the verge of divorce when I first started. But now we have been able to talk things out without blowing up at each other. We take time for each other and cherish the time we have to just talk.”

“I recommend Life Skills because I feel if anyone has any problems in their relationships, this class will help to improve their relationships as well as themselves.”

For more information contact
Janette Reynolds, Director
o: 217-443-6371

Small Groups

Groups are always going on! There are many groups going on all week long.

Here is a quick list of current groups:

  • Lady’s Prayer @ 10 am Tuesdays
  • Tuesday Night Prayer – Praise, Worship, and Prayer @ 6:30 pm Tuesdays
  • Sharper Edge Seniors Group @ 10 am Saturdays

For more information contact
The Church Office
o: 217.443.6219

Resource Center

The Rock Church is dedicated to help build strong families in the community. We have several resources available for parents of children all ages. Financial and marriage resources are also available. You may also order Bibles, pick up CD’s or DVD’s of services and much more.


Caleb told Joshua, “Give me this mountain!” ~ Joshua 14:12

Here are the mountains of influence to pray for

  1. Family – Where generational blessings and curses are passed on to our children
  2. Education – Where either Truth or Lies about God and His Creation are taught
  3. Government – Where evil is either restrained or endorsed
  4. Business – Where people build for the Glory of God or the glory of man
  5. Media – Where events, news and information are interpreted and passed on to people through the lens of good or evil
  6. Arts & Entertainment – Where values and virtues are either celebrated or distorted
  7. Religion – Where people worship God in “Spirit and Truth” or settle for religious rituals