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New Season Launches February 2, 2015 

No one wants to do life alone. Our groups invite anyone and everyone to circle up in homes to talk about real life issues. It’s so much healthier and a lot more fun to do life with other people in our same season. Building community is more than just attending a weekly or bi-weekly meeting; it’s building life-long friendships to get you through the good, the bad and the ugly of life. 

We encourage all our attenders to join a “B” group. We do 2-4 major pushes a year with opportunities to join groups, Mature trained Rock Church believers lead B groups. They meet weekly in homes, on the job, or any other convenient locations. You can sign up for a group anytime either online or on Sundays. We have groups for everyone—men, women, couples, families, seniors—you name it, and we’re eager to help you get connected! The groups also serve an evangelistic purpose. Members are encouraged to bring nonbelievers to their group